Silverado Trail Boss Leveling Kit

2021 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss

Vehicle manufacturers are trying really hard to offer trucks that give the illusion of being modified while also carrying a factory warranty. All this Chevy Silverado Trail Boss needed was a leveling kit and a set of 35″ tires to make it look a lot less stock.

Leveling Kit

The Trail Boss and AT4 lineup of trucks come from the factory with 2″ of lift so we didn’t have to do much in order to fit 35’s. We started with a ReadyLIFT 1.75″ Leveling Kit. The kit features 2 spacers, one that goes above the strut assembly and one that goes below. It also comes with new upper control arms to keep that upper ball joint happy.

Wheels & Tires

Next up, we added a set of Fuel Off-Road Rebel 6 (D679) wheels in a 20×9 with a +1 Offset. We wrapped those in a 35×11.50 Nitto Ridge Grappler. It’s more common to run a 35×12.50 tire but we didn’t want to run into any rubbing issues that would have required hacking up a perfectly good fender. (Note: We are not opposed to hacking up perfectly good fenders.)

And just to be absolutely sure we didn’t have any rubbing issues, we replaced the original mud flaps with the super sleak Rough Country Mud Flap Delete Kit.

Speedo Cal

When you change your factory tire size it’s always smart to calibrate your speedometer. Not only does this achieve the important task of knowing how fast you’re driving but it also helps with transmission shift points. Upgrading your gears to match your new tire size will achieve this as well as give your truck the same acceleration it had before the tires. But most people don’t even consider it as an option. Either they only plan on some light off-roading or none at all. For those people, there are aftermarket options to calibrate your speedometer to your new tire size. We used the Speedometer Calibrator from Rough Country. Simply measure both your old and new tires and input those figures into the program that comes with it. Then plug it into the vehicles wiring harness.


The truck made a quick return after a few weeks when the customer wanted to upgrade his exhaust. He had his eyes on the Rough Country Performance Exhaust and we agreed. He wanted a nice rumble without waking up the neighbors so this was a perfect fit for his truck.

Trail Boss Leveling Kit

Trail Boss Leveling Kit

Trail Boss Leveling Kit

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