Jeep Lights and Power Steps

2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU

Our customer bought this Jeep used and felt like it was missing some things. It had a winch bumper with plenty of spots for lights but the previous owner never added them. He also didn’t like the look of the bare rocker panels. He decided his Jeep Wrangler needed some power steps.

Power Steps

He did some research on his own and found the Rough Country Power Running Boards. These cover the rocker panels while tucked up out of the way and then lower down to a helpful position when you open the door. Whether your Jeep Wrangler JL is lifted or not, side steps are a nice addition. And power steps are perfect for someone who wants help getting in and out but doesn’t like the look of them hanging down when not being used.

LED Headlights

The halogen headlights that come on some of these Wranglers leave a lot to be desired. We replaced them with a set of Oracle LED Headlights with Dynamic COLORSHIFT. Not only do these upgrade the basic functions of a headlight but they also add a color changing halo that’s controllable through an app on your phone. And if that wasn’t enough, these headlights can be wired so that the halos switch to amber when either turn signal is turned on. This connection is optional but we took advantage of it since the previous owner removed the factory fenders which also replaced the forward facing turn signals with more of a side facing signal.

Off-Road Lighting

Next up, we had to fill the 4 square holes in the front bumper. Once again, we looked to Rough Country for a solution. We installed 2 sets of their LED Cube Lights. But that wasn’t enough. We also added a 20″ Single Row LED Lightbar on top of the bull bar.

Multiple Light Controller

The customer expressed interest in adding more lights in the future so we decided to add a Rough Country Multiple Light Controller. This controller utilizes a main relay pod that mounts under the hood and connects to a 6-switch pod that conveniently installs in the location of an otherwise useless cubby in the lower area of the dash in front of the shifter. We only used 3 of the available 6 switches for this project and now we can easily tap into the box under the hood for any future lighting add-ons.

Jeep Wrangler Power Steps

Jeep Wrangler Power Steps

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