Standout Garage offers airbag installation for many different applications to help you achieve optimal load management.

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000

Level your load like you mean it with Air Lift’s Loadlifter 5000 Air Suspension.

The LoadLifter 5000 has a load leveling capacity up to 5000 lbs. and it fits ½ – ¾ and 1 ton pickups and vans with leaf springs making it ideal for commercial trucks, wreckers, ambulances, construction and utility trucks. The roll plates protect the air springs from possible abrasion and increase your load capacity up to 10%. This is Air Lift’s most popular kit with its no drill installation, so you can level your load in safety and comfort.

Stop in and add the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 to your truck whether it’s for work or fun.

Airbag Installation


Air Lift WirelessONE

Own the air with Air Lift’s WirelessONE.

WirelessOne gives you on-the-go control of your air springs, without emptying your wallet. With the easy to read handheld controller and the free mobile app, you can easily inflate or deflate your air springs with just one touch. The WirelessOne is easy to install, features a single-path system meaning both air springs will be inflated or deflated to the same pressure which is ideal for vehicles carrying equally distributed loads left to right.

Visit us to learn more about Air Lift’s WirelessOne system.

Airbag Installation


Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL

Haul more with Air Lift’s LoadLifter 7500 XL.

Air Lift’s LoadLifter 7500 XL offers 7,500lbs. of load-leveling capacity with their 7” double-bellow air springs. The LoadLifter 7500 XL levels out massive loads with up to 20% more air spring volume than the LoadLifter 5000. The roll plates protect the air springs from possible abrasions while increasing load capacity up to 10%. No drilling is required for as most kits use the existing holes in the vehicle’s frame for an easy bolt-on installation.

Stop in to upgrade your hauling capacity before your next trip with Air Lift’s LoadLifter 7500 XL.

Airbag Installation

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