Toyota 4Runner Winch Bumper, Lights & Level

2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD

There’s a long list of off-road accessories available for the Toyota 4Runner. The owner of this one had a plan and he needed some help executing it. The first phase of his plan included a winch bumper, leveling struts and a bunch of off-road lights.


The installation of the Body Armor 4×4 Hiline Winch Bumper requires removal of the factory aluminum bumper and quite a bit of precise trimming to the plastic bumper skin. There’s an optional bull bar but it’s not compatible with the TSS sensor on the front of this particular 4Runner. We used the mounting holes for 2 of the lights that we’ll talk about below. We also added the light bars while the bumper was still on the bench. Then we bolted it into place. The winch will have to wait until Phase 2.

Off-Road Lights

The light bars mentioned above consist of 2 10″ PIAA RF Series light bars that connect together to make one 20″ bar. Two PIAA 6″ round halogen driving lights were mounted in the bull bar holes as mentioned earlier. Then we had to figure out how to mount the Rigid D-SS Pro Series lights in the upper grille area. These lights are equipped with side-shooter LED’s so it was important for them to protrude out from the front of the grille rather than be tucked away in a more stealthy way. This required a simple L bracket bolted to the top of the lower grille. Speaking of Rigid lights, next we had a pair of D-Series Pro Flood lights mounted on Cali Raised Low Profile Ditch Light Brackets.

Running Lights

With all of the off-road lights mounted and wired up it was time to focus on the running light portion of this project. That included the AVS Aeroskin Lightshield Hood Protector and the Aiden James Customs Fang Light Bezel Kit. These lights combine to give the 4Runner a sharp look as it drives down the road.

Leveling Struts

Last but not least, these things sit too low in the front so we had to improve the stance. There are plenty of options when it comes to leveling 4Runners. We chose to use a pair of Bilstein B8 5100 Ride Height Adjustable Shocks. They simply replace the factory strut while keeping the factory spring and allow you to choose between 4 ride height options. We set them all the way at the top to achieve a 2.5″ lift on the front end.

Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Accessories

Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Accessories

Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Accessories

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