Jeep Train Horns and Wheel Lights

2018 Jeep Wrangler JKU

We’ve always believed that there are more accessories for Jeeps than the human mind can even begin to comprehend. So when one rolls into your parking lot with all of those accessories already installed you wonder what you might be able to offer this customer. This Jeep Wrangler obviously needed Train Horns and Wheel Lights.

A 4 horn kit from HornBlasters was already installed but the 4-way banjo fitting and air lines were too close to the exhaust and all of the fittings melted and fell apart. In addition to that, the horns were mounted facing forward in between the frame and rocker panels which put them right in the path of water coming off the tires while driving in wet conditions. Our mission was to find a better way to mount the 4 existing horns while also adding another 2 horns to the mix.

The hope was to find a spot above the rear axle but there wasn’t room for all 6 horns back there. The 5 gallon air tank was occupying the space in between the resonator and driveshaft so it was time to get creative. We made 2 sets of custom brackets for mounting 3 horns each and then attached them to the frame facing backwards. We replaced the blown out 4-way banjo fitting with a 6-way but it was still right next to the exhaust so we had to protect it from the heat. The simplest solution was to wrap the air lines and fitting with a heat shield wrap.

But we weren’t done yet. The owner of this 2018 JKU wanted to replace his current wheel lights with a new set that featured lights on the inside and outside of the ring. Installation was a breeze and the results speak for themselves. They look great on their own but they look even better when added to the host of other underbody and wheel well lights.

Jeep Wrangler Train Horns

Jeep Wrangler Train Horns

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