Standout Garage offers bed cover installation of many different styles. You can view some of those styles below.

BAKFlip G2

Upgrade your truck bed protection with BAK’s BAKFlip G2.

The BAKFlip G2 is the smartest investment when you need 100% truck bed access and maximum cargo protection. The buckle system allows you to drive with your cover folded, flipped up or closed. Then the concealed system allows you to secure the contents of your truck bed by simply locking the tailgate. The G2 also features a sleek, low profile design with easy clamp on installation and a three year warranty.

Visit us to protect your cargo with BAK’s BAKFlip G2.

bed cover installation
bed cover installation


Protect your truck bed and add style with the Retrax IX.

The Retrax IX is a flush-mounted retractable tonneau cover made in the U.S.A. that installs with a “No-Profile” appearance to keep your truck looking good and cargo secure for years. It’s constructed of durable aluminum slats linked by a strong elastomer hinge, eliminating the opportunity for water and debris to enter your truck bed. With the UV-resistant matte finish powder coat, this cover helps keep your truck bed and cargo protected and secure in the roughest of conditions. The Retrax IX’s convenient release handle allows the cover to roll into a custom spiral canister at the front of the bed, protecting the cover, reducing wear and tear. The sealed roller bearings inside the aluminum rails deliver a smooth, frictionless operation and Retrax IX’s unique, adjustable latch stops allow you to secure your cover in three positions for the ultimate in hauling capacity and flexibility, letting you use your truck how you need to.

Stop in and ask how you can protect your cargo with Retrax’s IX flush mounted retractable tonneau cover.

bed cover installation bed cover installation

Extang Trifecta

Fortify your truck bed and its cargo with Extang’s Trifecta ALX.

Extang’s Trifecta ALX is topped with an all-new, Ancona pebble grained fabric to preserve your truck bed from water, dirt, and dust. Its robust, aircraft-grade aluminum frame contributes to this unrivaled bed protection. The Trifecta ALX is sealed tightly to your truck bed with adhesive-free perimeter sealing to ensure maximum bed and cargo protection. Installation is a breeze, and it is backed by Extang’s Maximum Strength Lifetime Warranty. The ALX features the Secure Rotary Release Latching System at the tailgate and an automatic latching feature. To unlock, simply rotate the release knob located at the driver side rear and lift, folding the cover towards the cab. This release knob is easy to use and provides unmatched convenience of operation.

Secure your truck bed and its cargo with Extang’s Trifecta ALX.

bed cover installation
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