3rd Generation 4Runner Lift Kit

2001 Toyota 4Runner

The iconic Toyota 4Runner has been around for decades. While they are capable when they are in stock condition, they look more like a soccer mom ride than an off-road machine. The first step toward upgrading the 3rd Generation 4Runner is a lift kit.

We didn’t use a pre-packaged lift kit for this vehicle. Instead we pieced together all of the necessary components on our way to achieving a 3″ lift.

We started with Old Man Emu coil springs at all 4 corners, then added Bilstein 5100 shocks and struts. The front struts are adjustment but since we used lifted springs we set the Bilstein’s at stock ride height. We also went with SPC Upper Control Arms for this 3rd Gen 4Runner.

Other items that were installed included; new lower ball joints, differential drop spacers and new sway bar end links all the way around.

We finished things off with some 17″ TRD wheels wrapped with 275/70 Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires that the customer acquired from the used marketplace.

3rd Generation 4Runner Lift

3rd Generation 4Runner Lift

3rd Generation 4Runner Lift

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