Ram TRX Hidden Winch Mount

2022 RAM TRX

One thing we know for sure about the Ram TRX is that it comes off the factory floor ready to tackle the toughest terrain out there. The giant powerplant under the hood and the rugged suspension paired with Bilstein shocks make it fully capable and there really isn’t much room for improvement. Well, the folks up in Canada at Vice Design offer a hidden winch mount for the RAM TRX that completely integrates with the front bumper and really takes it up to another level.

The Smittybilt 12,000lb X20 winch is mounted on the bracket before anything goes on the truck. The front bumper is removed so that the inner structure can be cut in a few places. This makes room for the winch mount bracket to be bolted to the frame. Once the hidden winch mount is installed and the bumper is put back on, the control box and clutch are no longer accessible. Good thing Vice Design thought about that.

The kit includes longer cables and a bracket that moves the control box into the engine compartment. There’s also an adapter that extends the clutch through the front of the bumper. The oil cooler is in the way as well. The kit comes with a bracket that moves it to the front crossmember near the remote reservoirs for the front shocks.

Overall, this kit is well built and really is a great addition to the RAM TRX. Something tells me this truck won’t get stuck out there on the trails but it’s always nice to have a backup plan.

RAM TRX Winch Mount

RAM TRX Winch Mount
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