Method Wheels & MT Baja Boss Tires

2023 Ford Bronco Badlands

Mickey Thompson’s Baja Boss tires and Method Race Wheels make a great combination for the trail rider or street cruiser. They look great while also performing at a high level. The Method Wheels line of Bead Grip products are an excellent choice if you plan on running low PSI in your tires while spending time off-road. We like to pair them with Mickey Thompson’s Baja Boss A/T and it appears we weren’t alone. The owner of this 2023 Ford Bronco was thinking the same thing. He chose the Method 705 17×8.5 with a 0 Offset in the Titanium color. We added a set of (5) Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Tires and he’s ready for anything.

Bead Grip wheels help hold the bead with a small channel that keeps the tire locked in and mounted even when there’s not much air in there. While they don’t offer any clamping power like a traditional beadlock wheel, they are DOT approved (unlike beadlocks) and perform very well in the real world.

In addition to the Tire & Wheel package, we added some functional upgrades. The customer had already purchased the BroncBuster Ultimate Steering Solution and we installed it for him. This includes an upgraded steering rack (Hoss 3.0) and Ford Performance Tie Rods. We’ll have a more detailed look at that and a few other upgrades we did on the Bronco in a later post.

Method Wheels Baja Boss

Method Wheels Baja Boss

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