2018 GMC Sierra Denali Leveling Kit & Cold Air Intake

The owner of this 2018 Sierra Denali came into the shop with a stance problem (his words). That usually means they’re ready to pull the trigger on a lift kit and big set of wheels and tires. For him, it meant getting that front bumper off the ground. Some of these trucks come from the factory with quite a bit of rake and a simple leveling kit can give your truck a slightly more aggressive stance without breaking the bank.

The Sierra Denali is equipped with Magnetic Ride Control so we had to choose a leveling kit that retained the functionality of that. We decided to go with Rough Country’s 2 Inch Leveling Kit. It doesn’t effect the smooth ride that Deanli’s are known for while also allowing for a larger tire. Our customer liked the stock 22″ wheels and had plenty of meat on his tires so he wasn’t ready to part ways with either of those.

However, the customer was ready to put a little pep in the gas pedal. While scrolling through the Rough Country website, he saw their Cold Air Intake and decided that would do the trick. We agreed.

This truck is a great example of how to build yours on a budget. A Leveling Kit is a great way to change the look of your truck while giving you time to budget for bigger tires and/or wheels. We’ve all seen a trucks where the lift size and tire size don’t match. That won’t happen with a leveling kit.

Sierra Denali Leveling Kit

Sierra Denali Leveling Kit

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