Bronco Raptor Winch & More

2023 Ford Bronco Raptor

The Bronco Raptor comes from the factory with just about everything you could want or need. However, the owner of this Ford Bronco wanted/needed a winch, loud semi truck horn and a gun safe. And those Raptor decals had to go.


The modular front bumper that this Bronco came with allows for different accessories to be easily attached. We started with a Warn VR EVO 10-S winch and attached it to the Rough Country High Winch Mount. Once on the vehicle, the winch blocks the view of the Bronco’s front camera so we also added Rough Country’s Front Camera Relocation Bracket. The winch mount comes with an optional single row light bar that we wired into one of the 5 remaining AUX switches (Bronco Raptor uses AUX 1 for Rigid Fog Lights).

Air Horn

Loud air horns have always been a popular upgrade but Horn Blasters have really take things to the next level. They have a wide array of horns with varying sizes, tones and decibel levels. Our customer settled on the Mother Trucker 127H Air Horn Kit. It’s not the loudest horn kit in their catalog but it provides a very loud big rig sounding horn that is sure to get people’s attention. If find yourself sitting at a green light staring at your phone, don’t be surprised if this horn snaps you back into reality. We mounted the tank and compressor on the inside of the rear bumper. The horn was bolted to the crossmember above the rear axle. And once again, we utilized the factory AUX switches to wire up the compressor and, per the customer’s request, the horn switch as well. (We apologize for the poor pictures)

Finishing Touches

It’s essential to have a place to keep your firearm safe and secure. We installed a fingerprint safe on the tailgate of this Bronco.

And finally, these Raptors come with a hefty price tag that rivals some of the higher end luxury vehicles out there. The decals Ford chose to put on the hood and quarter panels do not match that price tag so they had to go. It gives the it a much cleaner look.

Ford Bronco Winch

Ford Bronco Winch

Ford Bronco Winch

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