Hummer H2 Backup Camera

2005 Hummer H2 SUT

If you’ve ever driven a Hummer H2 or something similar in size then you understand the importance of a backup camera. Obviously, most of the newer cars on the road today come from the factory with backup cameras but older vehicles need to rely on the aftermarket. And our shop can help you with backup camera installation for your vehicle.

We gave our customer a few different options for his vehicle. He opted to replace the stock stereo for a more integrated look. The other options included using an external monitor that mounts to the dashboard or windshield. Another option was a rearview mirror that has a small screen built into it. Those units are fine choices but were not the right fit for this application.

We aren’t a car audio/video shop so we relied on the folks at Crutchfield for recommendations for the stereo and backup camera. They suggested the JVC KW-V660BT head unit and Boyo VTL17IRTJ backup camera. They also included all of the items needed for installation. Which in our case, included an adapter for retaining the use of the steering wheel controls and door chime.

The aftermarket car stereos out there today come with a wide range of features that are comparable to what you’ll find in a modern vehicle. The JVC unit we used included hands-free calling, Bluetooth music streaming and Android Auto/Apple Car Play which gives you the capability to connect to apps like Google Maps and Spotify.

In the end, the products we used on this project were the perfect choices for additional functionality and modern convenience. We won’t be entering this one in any car audio shows but that’s just fine with us.

backup camera installation

backup camera installation

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